01 October 2014

Abstract nail art

Hey all,

Some nail art I did a while back and happened to really like the end result. This was another one od those "just playing around" types of manicures, If I'm watching something on youtube I end up practicing some nail looks just to see if I can do them and how they would look on my nails. As you can imagine they don't all work out but every now and then you get  a goodie. I picked out some polishes that I hadn't used for a while. I thought they would look decent enough together too which is kind of important :P

Here I have on 2 coats of Essence Nude it with an accent nail of Barry m Dragon fruit (3 coats). The yellow is Barry M Station Road and the Blue is Barry m Atlantic Road, both from the textured effects range. The silver is the Kiss Nail art paint striper which is amazing by the way. I don't think I  mention how handy this is often enough. I left it without a topcoat to let the textured effect shine through. In all honestly I doubt anyone would really notice it but I do so that's good enough for me.


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