09 October 2014

Seeing Stars

Hey all,

This was supposed to be a future Book Look manicure but it didn't come out the way I had envisioned. I hate when that happens! It all looks grand in your head but on the nail it looks like a huge mess. I did end up cutting some of the stars in half so they would fit on my nail. Sometimes having short nails is a pain when you are trying to add on some 3d bits.

I started off with 2 coats of Catrice Lucky in Lilac. I added a single star onto each nail. For the accent nail I put on a couple of pink ones and finished it off with a matte topcoat. I put on a clear topcoat on the other nails. I do think the matte look suits those 3d stars. It kills some of the shine  that the stars had so they are easier to distinguish.


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