29 October 2014

Witch hat nail art

Hey all,

Keeping on with the Halloween theme I decided to try out some witches hats. You only need striping tape and a little paint brush for this manicure and you can pick whatever nail polish combination you like. I went with a textured polish, a creme and a glitter.

 I started with 3 coats of Zoya Beatrix. I waited a good while to let that dry as it isn't the quickest drying polish in the world. Using 3 stripes of tape (two down in the shape of a triangle and one across marking the brim of her hat) I painted on Essence Black is back. Once that had dried I used a small paint brush and added on the buckle using OPI Goldeneye.

I love this manicure. It was a bit time consuming but that was mainly down to Zoya Beatrix taking so long to dry. I have tried it with other polishes and it didn't take half the time. 


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