07 November 2014

Ruffled manicure attempt

Hey all,

This is my first go at a full on ruffled manicure. I'm not 100% happy with the results but it was grand for a first attempt. I made the mistake of trying to match the curve of my cuticle when in fact they should go in straight lines. Lesson learned!  Seeing as the autumn weather has started really coming in to its own I went with a suitable polish combination.

Using a dotting tool I added on Essence Nude it! ,the light nude polish, and Elf Smoky brown, the deep chocolate brown. I really like both polishes and I do think they look good together. It ended up looking slightly like a water-marbled manicure. I'll definitely try this manicure again. It was quite fun to try out but I would say you are better off going with 2 opaque polishes. Otherwise you'll be there forever trying to get each layer to the right opacity for it to show through at the end. I think you need strong colours to make this manicure work.


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