09 January 2015

Favourite Books of 2014

Hey all,

This is my top 10 best reads of 2014. I have to say though, some of these are the best books I have read to date, not just in 2014. It wasn't an amazing year for books (having failed my goodreads challenge miserably, especially compared to 2013) but it was a pretty good year for finding new authors for me personally. Like my other lists, this is in no particular order.

1) The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith 

This mystery/detective book was released in 2013 but I held off from reading it. I feel like the reviews in the beginning were fairly biased once people found out that it was actually a J.K Rowling book. In the end I gave in and I am delighted I gave it a chance. It is such an amazing book. Cormoran Strike is a great character and I cannot wait for the future releases in this series. It is going to be made into a tv series which is very exciting. I have done a full review on the book here.

2) Look back in hunger by Jo Brand

After picking this up on a whim I was pretty shocked at how much I enjoyed reading "Look back in hunger", the memoirs of the Comedian Jo Brand. She is not one of my favourite comedians but I like her enough to buy her books. Again this wasn't released during the year but way back in 2010. It was a great read and I have a full review on the book here.

3) The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown 

I've been a fan of Dan Brown since he released The Da Vinci Code in 2003. I have all of his work and I must say The lost Symbol is by far one of his best to date. It's another mystery/detective which I tend to go for. It's well written and it keeps you guessing throughout. My full review can be found here.

4) Triptych by Karin Slaughter 

One of the new to me authors of the year is Karin Slaughter. Although I initially read book number 5 or 6 in the Will Trent series it was definitely Triptych that got me hooked. If you like thrillers then I highly suggest picking this up. Slaughter is incredible at creating atmosphere, stirring up emotions and geniely shocking you. This was released in 2006 so there are quite a few more in this series to keep you reading for the next white at least.I have a full review of the book here.

5) How to fall in love by Cecelia Ahern

Cecelia Ahern is one of the very few Irish authors I really enjoy. I buy all of her books and she releases a new one pretty much every year which is great. She writes books that tend to be classed as chick lit or romance. All I know is that I always enjoy reading her works and the covers tend to be beautiful (I know that has nothing to do with the content but it's always a nice edition). How to fall in love was a lovely read. I have a short review here.

6) Diggers by Terry Pratchett 

Another series I really enjoyed concerns the nomes and their attempts to get home. The book I have contains all 3 in the series but the second story in the Bromeliad trilogy by Terry Pratchett is the  one I'm focusing on here. It was such an improvement on the story. It was funny,smart and overall just a well told story. I would say you are better off reading all 3 tales otherwise the story won't make as much sense but if you are iffy with the first story trust me, the last 2 definitely make up for its shortcomings.

7) Entirely up to you, Darling by Richard Attenborough

Richard Attenborough will always be the best Santa Claus in my books (despite completely washing over this film in the biography). He starred in the remake of Miracle on 34th Street and I absolutely loved him. He was such a pleasant character and the book reflects this. One of the best biographies I've read so far. I learned a lot from this book and I am glad I have it in my collection. Full review here.

8) Fantastic beasts and where to find them by J.K Rowling

9The tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K Rowling

I am a huge Harry potter fan and I had to get my hands on the 3 books in this series. I really enjoyed both Fantastic Beasts and where to find them and The Tales of Beedle the Bard. (Quidditch through the ages was good but these were just that bit better resulting in both making the list) The detail they went into would almost lead you to believe that these creatures were real. I think they are a must read for fans of the books. A nice light and easy read but enjoyable non-the-less.

10) Stardust by Neil Gaiman 

On my quest to find new authors I thought it was high time that I tried Neil Gaiman's work. So far it has been bit hit and miss but Stardust is just sensational. I loved this story. It was well written and I thought the characters were just perfect. I have seen the movie adaption and I thought it was great, it's one of my favourite films.  If you want to read a Gaiman book and you're not sure where to start you can't go wrong with Stardust.

So that's my top 10.Let me know what your favourite books were from the year or your favourite author. I've already started a list of books that I want to read for the year so hopefully I'll fair better than last time. 


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