05 January 2015

Top polishes of 2014

Hey all,

This is the third year I have compiled a list of my favourite polishes from the year and I have to say it has been a hard task to get a list this year. Overall it was a pretty poor nail polish year for me. Nothing really stood out as special and the few polishes that looked beautiful were dragged down through having an awful formula/ price / drying time with some having a combination of all three. I did manage to pick out 10 polishes that got a whole lot of use last year and ones that I just enjoyed wearing. If you are interesting to my picks from previous years here are the links for my 2012 post and my 2013 post

This won't come as a surprise to anyone that has been reading my blog for the last while. NOPI Khloe had a little lam lam is one of the best polishes I have. The formula is great and the colour is just perfect for me. It's such a sophisticated polish. I wore this at least 5-6 times as a full manicure on it's own not to mention the countless times it featured in a nail art design.

Another polish I don't think anyone will be surprised to see is Misa Bourbon on the rocks. Again I  wore this a tonne on its own as well as it nail art designs. It's such a beautiful polish. The shimmer really shines through and the formula is great. 

One of the surprise favourites for me was Catrice Plumdog Millionaire. I do quite like textured polishes but the colours are generally pretty plain or they need a tonne of coats. Plumdog millionaire is a 3 coater but the blue and pink glitters are just beautiful, especially with a topcoat. It's not a super gritty texture either which I know bothers some people (I'm happy out either way if I'm honest). I'm very happy I picked this one up.

Colors by llarowe smooth Criminal is a beautiful purple holographic polish. It has a great formula and it lasts well on the nail. I really enjoyed wearing this polish, especially in sunnier weather when the holographic side really shines through. 

This combination really surprised me. They are 2 polishes I don't really rate on their own but together they look phenomenal. Using Zoya Beatrix as a base and topping it off with China Glaze Electrify you get such a beautiful look. The different glitters all combine and they make your nails glow. I loved this manicure.

 This polish was made for a white base. I've tried it over so many different polishes but in the end it always goes back to white. The various different coloured glitters really come to life over a white base. This is one I didn't want to take off and it really got me into glitter manicures which I ended up wearing a lot towards the end of the year.

A long term favourite of mine. I went through almost an entire month wearing this polish alone. It's more the colour than the formula if I am honest. It is a 3 coater and the more coats you put the longer it takes to dry. If I'm not in a hurry then I will definitely go for this polish. It wears pretty well without much chipping or tipwear (obviously that depends on the base and topcoat you use alongside the polish) It's such a pretty polish though and one I would repurchase when my bottle runs out if I cannot find a similar one from a different brand with a better formula.

Vinyl is the best black nail polish I have tried to date. It is so glossy (far nicer in person than it looks in the pictures) and the formula is perfect! I love the Sally Hansen brand and I tend to reach for them a lot. It's a shame this was a Limited Edition polish (I'm not sure if this polish is still available). 

A very pretty coral from the Born Pretty Store holographics. It's one of the more unique colours for a holographic polish. The formula is good and although it doesn't have an intense holographic side it is very nice.

The colour isn't 100% accurate here but Sally Hansen's blue Streak was a beautiful polish released over here this year. I really started to love teal polishes and this leans more on the blue side than the other polishes I have. I love the colour, it has a great formula and as it's from the Complete salon manicure line the polish is so glossy on its own.

That's it! Overall this year there wasa definite purple theme. I normally hate purple but this year it was my most reached for nail polish colour. Having looked back over the previous years post there are a good few changes  but always a few constant favourites. I still use Catrice Have an Ice day religiously but it was time to change it up and show ye some of my newer favourites.

I'll be posting my nail art favourites and my Book favourites later on this week. Let me know your favourites below! I've been reading a few posts from other bloggers and it's interesting to see how different everyone is.


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