09 February 2015

A bubbly blue

Hey all,

Sinful Colors Endless blue is a nice cobalt blue creme. This doesn't have any shimmer which is nice. I always find that shimmery polishes tend to need an extra coat to cover up the nail line. The formula is really thick. It's not too hard to control but you really need to wipe the brush a good bit before you try to paint your nail. Otherwise you are going to be dealing with a flooded cuticle and with a colour like this there will be a tonne of staining. 

Now I am pretty decent at applying nail polish at this stage. It's not always 100% perfect but it looks good enough. This polish just looked shite on me. Despite leaving each coat to dry for over 20 minutes each, this bubbled quite badly on all of my nails. This really annoyed me seeing as I was so careful applying it and letting it dry. I have on 2 coats by the way. I am reluctant to wear this again. What's the point of wasting time applying polish if it's going to bubble? 


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