17 February 2015

Twinsie Tuesday- Match your nails to your purse

Hey all,

Another Twinsie Tuesday post and have some polka dot nail art! I love polka dots and it feels like forever since did some some so here they are. These are a perfect match of my purse which is pretty plain. It's just a plain nude coloured bag with gold hardware. I pretty brighter bags but I thought having at least one neutral bag would be a good idea.

I have on 2 coats of Sally Hansen Patent gloss in Chic. This is pretty much the exact colour of my purse so that was fairly handy. Once that was dry I dotted on Catrice goldfinger for the base of the polka dot. I then added on OPI Goldfinger to make it all nice and glittery. I topped it off with a coat of Sally Hansen Miracle gel topcoat.

I love how short my nails are but I've been thinking of growing them out just a bit. We'll see how that goes. They have started peeling a bit which is annoying. I always use a strengthening basecoat. Short of nubbing them again I'm not too sure how to deal with the pealing. Any tips on dealing with this would be appreciated!

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