27 February 2015

Ziaja Olive Leaf gel scrub and nourishing cream review

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**Products were provided for my honest review**

Two reviews in one for todays post. This is the rest of my Ziaja skincare review. Along with the mask I reviewed here I was also sent the concentrated nourishing cream and the gel scrub from the Olive leaf range,

The nourishing cream is a thick cream but it's not too heavy on the skin. I have combination skin so I have areas that need a bit more moisture to get rid of the dry, flaky patches. This is quite a nice cream. I love that it has SPF 20 in it. It smells just like the rest of the range. It's a slightly masculine scent but it fades after a bit so don't let that put you off. A little goes a long way as it is quite thick but it spreads very easily. I think this would suit me more in the winter time when my skin gets a bit battered. It says it's suitable for all skin-types and I have tried it on people with very different skin to mine. I would say if you have fierce dry skin with prickly patches then this probably won't get rid of them but it will soften them a tiny bit. 

The Olive leaf scrub is a micro-exfoliator and it is jam packed with tiny exfoliating particles. You'd want to take it handy with this as it will make your face quite red if you scrub even the slightest bit heavy handed. I've heard that if you want a deeper scrub you should scrub faster not harder and in circular motions. I like the gel formula as its easier to wash off in my opinion. My skin is left smoother after using this but I haven't noticed any difference to my pores so far. Again a little goes a long way so you only need a small amount to cover your entire face. I've also mixed this in with my handwash to give my hands a nice scrub after removing my nail polish.  I much prefer this to my Dr Organics Scrub as it doesn't feel as heavy on my skin and I feel so  much fresher after using this scrub. 

The Ziaja Skincare Nourishing face cream spf 20 comes in a 50ml bottle and it costs €5.99.
The face scrub from the same range costs €5.99 for a 200ml bottle. 


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