02 February 2015

Zoey Deschanel nail art

Hey all,

I ended up not posting last week after getting sick. I'm finally getting back to normal so hopefully it'll be back on track this week. Today I wanted to show you my Twinsie Tuesday post that was due last week. It was inspired by a celebrity which is not something I tend to do. I don't really have an interest in celeb's so I went to google images to see if I could find a good one. I ended up going with a manicure that Zoey Deschanel wore.

I struggled a bit with this one. I started off with a white base. I striped off the corners and painted on Sally Hansen Patent gloss in Vinyl. I dotted that same polish on the white and topped it off with Essence Soft touch matte topcoat. In person it doesn't look as dodgy I have to say. Overall I think it came out ok. 


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