02 March 2015

Sally Hansen Complete Salon manicure Spring/Summer 2015 part 1

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**Products were provided for my honest review**

Today I have the first half of the Sally Hansen Spring/Summer 2015 collection. For this collection they partnered with the designer Natalie B Coleman. I'll be showing you the 3 bright colours in this collection today and the 3 darker polish on Wednesday. I have also included swatches of some similar polishes that I have in my collection already. All the of the swatches are done without a topcoat.

First up we have SGT Preppy (375):

Sgt Preppy is a nice mix of pink with a touch of lilac. There is a slight dustiness to it. The formula on this is lovely, I have on 3 coats without a basecoat. It dried very quickly which I've noticed it fairly common with the Complete Salon manicure line.  This is a re-released polish (it originally came out in the Totally Tropical Exotica collection in 2013 I believe). Nevertheless it's a lovely colour and if you missed out on it the first time around then now's the time to get it. I didn't have any similar polishes in my collection.

Peach of cake (547):

Peach of Cake is (obviously) a peachy pink. I love this shade, it looks so flattering on pale skin. It doesn't wash me out at all and there's no sign of lobster hands which is great. Peach polish tend to be the most hassle when it comes to the formula but this was an easy 2 coater. This was the polish that most people commented on when they saw it. This was first released in the Spring Racing Collection in 2013.

The only similar polish I have to Peach of Cake is Tahitian Sunset, also from the Complete Salon manicure line, They are not dupes as Tahitian Sunset is more orange with some shimmer and it's a bit lighter. Tahitian Sunset is a definite 3 coat polish.

Moheato (671):

This polish was a bit of a surprise. In the bottle I thought it was a pure mint green but on the nail it seems to be more of a spring green. Either way its a lovely colour. The formula on Moheato was pretty much the same as the rest. Very easy to control with barely any clean up at the end. I'm pretty sure this is a new polish although there is another Sally Hansen CSM polish called *Mojito*. I don't have this polish so I can't say if they are dupes or not. I have on 3 coats.

The Spring/Summer collection from Sally Hansen is released in Ireland this month. You can pick them up from your local stockist for €8.95 each.

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