23 March 2015

Spider web accent

Hey all,

I've been sticking to the same set of polishes lately but this is a manicure I wore a while back and I loved the colours together, I love blue nail polish but I find that I'm really self-conscious when I have it on. I think it's just too bright for me even though it's probably on the polish colours I buy the most. For that reason I tend to use it more for nail art than as a full manicure on its own.

This is 2 coats of Barry m Cyan Blue. This has an incredible formula but it will stain your nails and cuticles, It is a nightmare to get off so I don't reach for it too often. I decided to add on an accent nail so I have on 2 coats of Zoya paz on my ring finger. Once that was dry I striped off the nail and added on a coat of Cyan Blue on top.

The one thing that bugged me about this manicure is the silver glitters that you can see on the accent nail. The striping tape I use always leaves behind those silver bits and it is really hard to cover up. Next time I will just stick to the striped accent nail. I never knew that orange and blue would work so well together!

I decided to add on some polka dots using Paz. I think I prefer it without the dots. Paz is a crelly formula so it is sheer. Once you add it over a darker colour it shows some of the colour through the orange making it look darker than it is. You can see how bright Paz should be on my accent nail.

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