06 April 2015

Born Pretty Store high grit nail files review

Hey all,

**Products were provided for my honest review**

My current nail files have just burnt out after a good few months of heavy use. The Born Pretty Store sent out their 4 pack of nail files for review so I'm just getting around to trying them now. These are quiet a high grit (120/1250) so it takes no time at all to file down my nails. I tend to prefer high grit files as they last longer and they can deal with my nails without breaking them.

I can use all of these files without a problem but I tend to use the curved ones more often on my fingers seeing as I have a more curved nail shape. It allows me to get into the sides of my nails to even them all out. I have used these a fair bit already and there is not a bother on them. They don't look used at all. These should last me at least until the end of the year but more than likely well into the next year.

This set of 4 costs $2.76 and you can find them here.

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