10 April 2015

Born Pretty Store Orange cuticle oil review

Hey all,

**Product was provided for my honest review**

Another of the products I was sent from the Born Pretty Store is the Orange scented cuticle oil. I have used this almost daily for the last fortnight, Cuticles need a lot of maintenance so I apply this before I paint my nails, after I paint them and after I remove the polish.I use this for swatching and for my own day to day manicures. During the day I'll swipe it on if I think of it so it's pretty consistent care throughout the day.

I have to say for the price this is a pretty good cuticle oil. It sinks in nicely and it gives an instant boost to my cuticles making them look nice and smooth,. It really takes the dryness out of them. I do need to top it up with a hand cream in order to keep them looking good. That being said it's a great oil and it seems to be doing a lot of good for my nails.

I have the Orange scented oil and it smells lovely. You do need to twist the bottom before you apply and I would advise taking it handy. I needed a good 15 twists the first time I used it. I made the mistake of over-twisting it and I got way too much oil on the brush. I'm not normally a fan on the brush tips but this works well enough in spreading the oil around the nail without it being messy or spilling everywhere.

For $1.79 I would definitely recommend giving this oil a try. There are other scents in this range.. Each little bottle contains 8ml of product. As it is an oil a little goes a long way. I have a good few weeks left of use in my bottle which is great considering the amount of times I use it a day.

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