27 April 2015

Essence 05 Sweet as Candy

Hey all,

**Polish was provided for my honest review**

I was recently sent 10 of the new Essence polish from their "the gel nail polish" line. They look exactly like the colour and go range, from the shape of the bottle to the wide brush, but there are some noticeable differences in the formula and finish.  I'll be popping up the swatches over the next week and a bit (they all really deserve their own post. Doing them all in one would be incredible long)

The first polish I have is 05 Sweet as Candy.  I have on 3 coats and it is almost 100% opaque. If you don't mind a tiny bit of visible nail line then this is perfect. Polishes like this are supposed to be  sheer, they are mostly used as a base for french manicures or just a "my nails but better" colour. I tend to use sheer pinks for jelly sandwhiches. This is more pink than my only other sheer pink also from Essence called "Cotton Candy". I like Sweet as Candy a lot, I think the colour looks nice against my skintone. It dried quickly and it is insanely glossy. I didn't bother with a topcoat but you'd never think it. Use this over a basecoat. I find it looks more even and not as sheer as it does without a base. I don't reach for sheer polishes too often but I am nearly done with Cotton Candy so clearly I use them more often than I really thought.

Despite being a gel nail polish, you don't need a lamp. I think they dried just as quick as a regular polish. They have a topcoat and basecoat in this range but I think I'll do a wear test on them before I review them just to see if they make a difference.

There are 46 colours in this range which is incredible! Each polish costs €1.79 and you should be able to find them in Penny's and pharmacies now.

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