29 April 2015

Essence 38 Love is in the Air

Hey all

**Polish was provided for my honest review**

Finally I've found a yellow nail polish with a good formula! When I took this out of the packet I thought it would be swatched and then left to the back. Higher end brands struggle with yellow nail polish so I assumed that this would need a good 4-5 coats. It's a pastel yellow after all so you'd expect a good amount of difficulty.

 I love this polish. It's easily in my top 2 from the 10 that I've tried so far from the gel nail polish line. I have on 3 coats. The formula is great, it's nice and smooth and it doesn't drag at all.The dry time is pretty good too. I don't even care that the colour doesn't suit my skintone. Love is in the Air looks gorgeous on its own but it will make such a pretty base for nail art. I love yellow nail polish so I am thrilled to have this.

Again I didn't bother with a topcoat so you could see how glossy these are on their own. If you are looking for a nice yellow polish then I would really recommend trying this one out. It's a lovely bright colour but it's not too in your face. I don't think I can really convey how impressed I am with this polish.

Love is in the Air costs €1.79 from Penny's and selected pharmacies. It should be available in stores now.

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