04 June 2015

Essence the gel nail polish topcoat and basecoat review (including wear test)

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**Polishes were provided for my honest review**

Following on from the Essence the gel nail polish reviews I have the topcoat and basecoat that were released as part of the range. I've been using both of these products since getting them with the Essence the gel nail polish and other brands to see how well they work. Just like my review on the Sally Hansen Miracle gel polishes and the Essence gel nails at home set I did a wear test using all products from the gel nail polish range.

I started off with the Essence the gel nail basecoat. This is a quick drying basecoat that claims to help make your manicure last up to 60% longer. This was based on a test using 30 people using both the topcoat and basecoat.  Side note: For a really accurate number you'd want a higher number in your focus group (at least 100+). I get that the results are more favourable with a smaller number in your test but it doesn't look as impressive especially if you including it on the actually bottle.

The basecoat dries to a matte finish which I really like. I give it 2-3 minutes before I add on the colour. For the wear test I picked out 09 #Lucky.  I have on 2 coats. I then put on one coat of the Essence the gel nail polish topcoat. This is a quick drying topcoat that leaves  a really glossy finish on the nail.

After 7 days I took off this manicure and here are the results! No chipping and only a minimal amount of tipwear. I could easily wear this for a few more days but I like to give my nails a break after 5-6 days of wearing polish. It still looks great, even around the cuticles. I am pretty hard on my nails so this is really impressive.

As I mentioned before, I use both the basecoat and topcoat for all of my manicures and I haven't had any problems with it so far. I'm not that fussy with basecoats anyway so I probably would buy this one again given how affordable it is. It does level out my nails a bit so the polish applies smoothly so that's always good.

**EDIT: The basecoat seems to leave a red-ish stain to my nails which I thought was related to something else but thanks to a comment from Purple_Rain it seems to be down to the this. It's not overly noticeable but I think it's worth a mention in case this might put others off **

The real stand out for me is the topcoat. It works so well for me! It dries quickly, far quicker than my Sally Hansen Miracle gel topcoat. It is so glossy. I haven't had any problems with it after 2 plus weeks of using it exclusively. I think this is my favourite topcoat and I will be buying backups of this asap. It is so good! The one thing I do not like about it is the bottle. It's silver and you cannot see through it which I hate. I never know how much I have left until it gets to that gloopy stage where you have to tip the bottle to get enough to cover your nail.

For around €3 each I think the quality is unreal. I don't normally like Essence topcoats but this one is a real gem. I doesn't drag my nail art half as much as other topcoats I have tried which is really important for me seeing as I do a lot of it. I highly recommend picking up both of these but definitely try the topcoat if you can get your hands on it.

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