03 June 2015

Moheato on the dots

Hey all

One of my recent manicures that I ended up really liking is of course a polka dot design. This was actually an accident. I had planned on recreating a mani I came across on Instagram but it did not work out at all. I wanted to do something quick but I didn't want a plain polish. Polka dots are the easiest design to do and you don't need anything special for it.

I started off with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Moheato. I used a plain white polish on my middle and ring fingers. Once that was dry I used a small dotting tool to add on the dots. I thought about using different colours for the dots but I couldn't decide on one and it was just easier to use the same colours that I used for the base. I topped it off with the Essence the gel nail polish topcoat. Pretty simple! I ended up wearing this for a good few days without any chips.

I will more than likely recreate this using different polish combinations. It's a great design to do if you don't have a huge amount of time but you want something a bit different that's fun to look at.

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