24 June 2015

Sally Hansen Gel shine 3D topcoat review

Hey all

**Polish was provided for my honest review**

I've been trying out quite a few topcoats recently and I've had a mix of hits and misses. Unfortunately the Sally Hansen Gel 3D shine topcoat falls into the later category. Now I am a big fan of the Sally Hansen range, from the regular polish line to the topcoats, but this was a let down.

I'll start with the positives. It's a nice big bottle with the typical wide brush that you find in the Complete Salon Manicure and the Miracle gel polishes, I prefer a wide brush for topcoats as I have wider nails. It is a thicker formula but it's very easy to work with. It glides on your nail and it leaves a nice glossy finish (thanks to the thicker formula it covers up all the lumps and bumps). So far so good.

Dry time is where this topcoat is a let down. Even with a good 45 minute wait (after leaving my nails to dry for 10 minutes beforehand) this still isn't rock hard. I go to bed and I still wake up with smudges.

The dealbreaker for me is the fact that it drags your nail art. I tend to have some kind of nail art on at all times and I hate when it drags, it can completely ruin your nails depending on what kind of design you've done.

Polish dragging and a slow dry time combined means this is not the topcoat for me. It's just more hassle than it's worth in my opinion. A little part that bugs me is the fact that the bottle has that reflective coating on it. While it looks pretty I can't see how much product I have left in it so I'll never really know I'm running low until it's too late.

The Sally Hansen Gel shine 3D topcoat retails for €8.49 and it's available in selected pharmacies nationwide.

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