06 July 2015

Bella Nuit

Hey all,

You can probably tell that this is an older manicure :P This manicure is from way back in November. I actually thought I had put this up but apparently I missed it. It was one of my favourite combinations and I wore it for a good week (possibly a bit over a week!)

I have on 2 coats of Lancome Nuit D'Azur, a beautiful navy creme. It looks slightly dusty in the photo's but that's all down to the topper which is Essence Nail art Twins Bella. Bella is a clear base with small black hexs and holographic glitter.

Unfortunatly the holographic really threw off my camera making the pictures slightly blurry but I really like this combination so I wanted to show ye, I didn't bother with a topcoat in case it would dull the holographic glitters but it didn't really need one.

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