10 July 2015

Despicable me Minions, TMNT, Spongebob and Toy Story Mash up!

Hey all

Another mani mash-up for today. This started out as a minion only manicure but I wanted to include a few of the characters that I either haven't tried before or I thought would go well with together! Some of you will have seen my Minion nails but if not I have them linked here:one with Gru and a giggly Minion, the other features both the Yellow and the Purple Minion.  I've also done  the Alien from Toy Story before and to be honest I didn't plan on doing him here but he fit on my pinky finger so it worked :P My Spongebob is definitely an improvement from my last attempt. The newbie here is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

All the polishes I used are listed below:

Catrice Lucky in Lilac
Catrice Plum Play with me
Catrice Acid.Dc
Sally Hansen Patent Gloss Vinyl
Kiss Nail art Striper in Silver
Essence Love is in the air
Sally Hansen Pink Cadillaquer
Sally Hansen Shock Wave
NYC Highline Green
NYC Blue Sky

I did do the design on both hands which didn't take as long as you'd expect. The only bad thing about repeating the design on both nails is that people assume they are fake nails. I hear it a lot so it doesn't bother me as much. I've been told that I bought my nails in Penny's because they saw similar ones in there. They have tried to actually take my supposed  "fake" nails off to prove a point! My nails are clearly not perfect which should be a big sign that they aren't fake stick on ones. The fact that they wore at the tips and chipped is also a bit of a giveaway that they have paint on them.

I ended up keeping these on for just over a week. I actually loved them so I didn't want to take them off but I had to give my nails a break from being polished so often. Like I mentioned in my Twinsie Tuesday post I had to cut my nails short after taking my polish off. Hopefully they won't peel as much now that they are shorter.

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