27 July 2015

Stained glass nails

Hey all

Bit of a random design today. This is an old manicure (June 2014!) that I always meant to post but I just skipped it in  favour of newer manicures. I love how short my nails are here. They aren't too far off my current nail length but they are in better shape. The weather is wreaking havoc with my hands! I actually gave the Burt's Bees Cuticle balm a go and it seemed to keep my cuticles in good condition so I might pick up a tin and see how it fairs out.

The polishes I used for this design:

OPI I just can't cope-acabana
OPI Kiss me I'm Brazillian 
Barry m Blueberry ice cream
Barry m Greenberry
Sally Hansen Tahitian Sunset
Nail the bytch Lick-or-ish bytch
Ciate Purple Sherbert
Black for the outline

I really want to do this again. I would say you are better off using really opaque polishes otherwise it gets a bit lumpy looking in parts. Greenberry in particular was a hard one to get flat on my nails. It's a lovely colour but the formula seems to be getting thicker and harder to use the older it gets. 

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