24 August 2015

Bad formula blues

Hey all

This started off as a plan manicure but it needed something a bit more. As much as I like blue polishes I don't really wear them alone. I orginally planned on wearing Sinful Colors Sugar Rush but the formula is going off a bit and it didn't look great.

I added some striping tape and a coat of Lancome Nuit D'Azur to the centre. On the sides I popped on Barry m Greenberry. You can only see a touch of Sugar Rush thanks to the striping tape but it's enough I think. I debated on what topcoat to use but a matte topper won in the end. It looks good glossy too but the matte topper made the lines look a touch neater. The nail on my ring finger had torn at the sides so I did file them all down. I don't like my nails to be all different sizes, it just looks odd and attracts far more attention than shorties.

Out of the polishes I used the Lancome has the best formula. The other 2 started off great but they have gotten so gloopy and need 3 coats now. I like the colours but I'd sooner they were easier to work with.

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