18 August 2015

Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick- Better make a Mauve review

Hey all

**Product was Provided for my honest review**

Bit of a different review for ye today. I was sent one of the Catrice Shine appeal fluid Lipsticks to try out and I thought I'd post about it here just in case ye were interested in them. I hadn't heard of this product until I got it in the post and I thought it was an interesting concept. It has its flaws for sure (more on that in a minute)

I applied one coat on my lips. It feels pretty nice on. It's not sticky but I don't think it will last long on the lips though as it transfers pretty easily. It leaves behind a kind of greasy/oily film on your lips once you wipe it off but your lips aren't dried out. The colour is fairly close to the natural colour of my lips so it just evens them out and gives them a nice gloss.

I thought I would layer it over one of my Essence lipsticks to see how that would go. I picked out Essence 03 in Come Naturally ( I hate the name) which is a mauve-y shade (shown above). They go really well together I have to say. Wearing the gloss over the lipstick will probably help it to last longer without touch ups too.

Now the biggest flaw I have found with this product is the packaging. This is how it arrived in the post:

It leaked everywhere. I was looking around for ages to find a crack or a hole but there was nothing there. I think the problem is the packaging itself. You can see above that the product is seeping from from the joint where the lid and the tube are joined. Anytime you open or close the bottle is spills out and it does.not.stop.leaking. Obviously this went in the bin as soon as I tried it out. It was going to go off within the week anyway and seeing as it wouldn't stop leaking there was lipstick everywhere. Lovely product, lasts ok on the lips but the packing is a total let down. You wouldn't be able to bring it anywhere for fear of it leaking. If you are interested in picking one up they will be available in stores by the last week in August. You might want to bring a little plastic bag with you just in case....

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