27 August 2015

Essence 47 Va-Va-Voom

Hey all

**Polish was provided for my honest review**

Va-Va-Voom is the least Autumn like colour that I have from the latest Essence releases. This is one of the Soft Matt polishes (basically the same as the Illamasqua Rubber finish polishes but cheaper). Even with the soft matt finish you can tell this is a bright pinky orange. It's not neon, even with a topcoat, but it's bright.

This style of finish tends to be a 3 coater for me but 2 coats of Va-Va-Voom and it is perfect. Great formula, dries like a regular polish and it was easy to apply. This might stain your nails if you skip a base coat. I had this on for a couple of minutes at the most and my nails had a slightly red tinge to them once I took it off. Other than that it was fine.

I'm not fond of the finish. It's grand like I wouldn't avoid the polish because of it but unless it had nail art on top I'd probably topcoat it. It's a beautiful colour and I want it to show through as much as possible so I added on a topcoat for the last 2 pictures. Seeing as the formula is so good on this one, I actually don't mind the extra step.

 Yup, far better! Va-Va-Voom is a great name for this polish. I've not been keen on their polish names recently but this one definitely suits the polish. Not that the name matters at all but when people ask what you're wearing and you're embarrassed to say it in case they pick it up wrong, you start to notice them.

Va-Va-Voom costs €1.89 for an 8ml bottle available in Penny's nationwide.

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