17 August 2015

The Discworld #4: Mort

Hey all

Book number 4 in the Discworld series is Mort. DEATH, Albert, Mort and Ysabell. This is the first time DEATH features as a main character. He'll pop up again and again both as a main character and as just in passing.

I kept the mani for this book pretty straightforward. Seeing as DEATH is one of my favourites I included him on my middle finger. For the ring finger I decided to do a piece or parchment paper with Mort's name on it (I'm pretty sure this appears at some point in the book but I can't be 100% sure at this point) I didn't want to add on any of the others so I simply sparkled up the other nails and that was it!

Polishes used:
Orly Liquid Vinyl 
China Glaze Kalahari Kiss
Essence Grumpy
Essence Hello Holo
NYC Pinstripe White 
OPI Skull & Glossbones
NYC Park Avenue

Honestly couldn't be happier with the way this one turned out. I loved the book so I really wanted to do a fun matching manicure for it and I think it worked out well.

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