06 August 2015

Pretty in plaid

Hey all

Plaid nails are so fun but I think they work best on my short nails. It's a bit more awkward to do them but I don't know, I think they are more striking like this. Plus I love the colour combination, the gold on top really made a difference.

I used 2 coats of Essence Dress for the moment as my base. Essence I <3 Trends in Hope for love is the pink on the sides. NYC Picnic on the Lawn is the teal polish on the tips. My favourites gold polish, Sally Hansen Gilded Lily, was used for the stripes on the top. I added the Sally Hansen 3d Gel shine topcoat to help smooth it all out.  Easily one of my favourite nail designs!

You could make it a lot neater with striping tape and all that.Time-wise doing it freehand with the nail polish brush is the better option.

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