10 September 2015

Caught on the red carpet

Hey all

A quick little post today. I picked out one of my oldest nail polishes and decided to give it some use. Catrice Caught on the Red Carpet was one of the first polishes I bought and it's almost finished. Thankfully the formula is still good so I managed to get my manicure done without any hassle. Depending on how long my nails are this is a 2-3 coater but it dries quickly and it wears well. I've often gone 4-5 days with it on and not noticed any major wear.

I always wear a base with this polish and most reds do stain and leave your skin looking red and sore. It's a nightmare to get staining off so I take the safe option and wear a base. It has a decent gloss on its own but a topcoat will do wonders for wear time.

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