17 September 2015

Purple pops

Hey all

I thought I'd try a new "style" of manicure this week just to see how it worked out. I often see people doing a different design on each nail and sometimes I love it but other times it just seems odd to me. I like the idea of mixing it up and not having to recreate the exact design 10 times in a row. It's hard to get them all perfect and it always looks dodgy on my pinky nail anyway.

I started this manicure with 2 coats of Barry m Orchid (one of my favourite polishes from last year) I didn't want to go too wild with my colour choice in case I ended up hating it so I picked out Barry m Raspberry to go on top. I used striping tape on my index. dotting tools on my middle and I freehanded the pinky. I left my accent plan and just popped on Catrice Have an ice day (my favourite holographic topper)  for a bit of sparkle instead. I was going to use Zoya Blaze but I thought that would cover the base too much and I didn't want too much raspberry taking over.

I actually like the way this turned out. I would say you'd want to pick your colours carefully though. If they don't go well in your eyes then you probably won't like the end result which would be a shame.

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