29 September 2015

Twinsie Tuesday- Vampy nails

Hey all

Vampy nails were called for in this weeks Twinsie Tuesday challenge. I didn't want to do the usual black and red so I went with purple and red instead. It's still pretty vampy though!

For my base I went with 2 coats of Essence Amazed by you from the gel nail polish line. On top of that I added on a polish I haven't used in quite a while, Nails inc Victoria. I just freehanded it as it would have taken too long to get the striping tape level and it always peels or leaves a a bit of tape on my nails making it look messy.

Nails inc isn't a brand I would pay full price for. They chip really badly on me and I honestly don't think many brands are worth a €15+ price tag. Their colours are quite bland so you can easily find a cheaper dupe with a more long lasting finish. I don't mind picking them up when they come free with a magazine though!

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