22 October 2015

A Weekly Dose of Rainbows- Fishtail braid

Hey all

I had a nightmare of a time trying to get this manicure done. Believe it or not but this is my 4th attempt at getting this right. It was so frustrating but I really wanted to get it done. In the end I just painted on random stripes to make it look fairly similar to a fishtail braid.

I used Catrice Run Forest Run seeing as it is so opaque and I haven't used a Catrice polish in a while. Then I picked out Sally Hansen Complete salon manicure in 641 Belle of the Ball and Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in 300 Electra-Cute to go along with it. I wanted it to be a mix of bright polishes but still go with a Halloween theme. I left two of my nails with just a white base so the fishtail design would be more striking.

I actually really like the Fishtail look but I honestly don't have the patience to do any more of them!

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