15 October 2015

A Weekly dose of Rainbows- Splatter

Hey all

Today is the start of A Weekly Dose of Rainbows. This is a new group set up by Amber from Nails Like Lace (Amber is also part of the Twinsie Tuesday group!). Basically every week there will be a rainbow themed manicure posted on Instagram based on a specific theme. This week was Rainbow Splatter.

Splatters aren't my favourite thing to do but I tend to like the end result. The polishes I used for this manicure:

Essence the gel nail polish 27 Don't be Shy (lime green)
Sally Hansen Miracle gel 330 Redgy (Red)
Essence the gel nail polish 31 Electriiiiiic (Deep royal blue)
Essence the gel nail polish 25 Prince Charming (dark turquoise shimmer)
Sally Hansen Miracle gel 270 Street Flair (dusty lilac)

I think it turned out really well. The bad thing about a splatter manicure is that you never know how well it will turn out. It usually starts off ok, the middle tends to be dodgy and I'm wanting to take it off but the end is definitely eye-catching! I think the rainbow theme works well with splatters.

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