26 October 2015

Essence I heart Trends Ice to Meet you swatch & Review

Hey all

**Product was provided for review**

I wasn't expecting to see a white polish from the Essence I <3 Trends polish line, especially not a shimmery white but here it is! This is Ice to meet you, a shimmery white with a matte finish. As expected with a pastel polish it does need 3 coats to hide the streaks. I'd go with slightly thicker coats to save time.

Like the rest of these polishes it dries pretty quick. It's not the fastest drying polish in the whole entire world but you won't be sitting there for an hour waiting for it to dry either.  I actually don't like the matte look on this polish, I think if a polish has shimmer you're better off with a glossy topcoat to really show it off.

I have on 3 coats here without a basecoat. The formula is easy to work with, I didn't have any clean up to do which is nice. It has a slightly textured finish, it's barely there but it's worth a mention.The thicker coats definitely help smooth it out though.

Here is the same swatch but with Sally Hansen 3D Gel shine topcoat on top. This is my personal preference. There is just something about it that reminds me of snow and I love it. It's not a stark white so it's easy to wear and it would suit any skintone.

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