12 October 2015

MADES haircare review- Repair Expert Detangler Spray and Hair mask review

Hey all

**Products provided for my 100% honest review**

I was sent 2 products from the MADES Haircare line to try out. I don't use heat on my hair all that often but I notice that my hair isn't as nice as it was a couple of years ago. I have the Detagler Spray and the hair mask from the Repair Expert range. I am a big fan of masks in general so I was excited to try out  a new hair mask. I used to love the Boots Coconut & Almond intensive hair mask and I went through a good 4 tubs before I noticed it wasn't really making a difference to my hair anymore (plus it is almost never in stock anymore)

The first thing I noticed about this range is how strongly scented they are. It's a pretty heavy scent and it can be overpowering if you are sensitive to scents. The detangler spray especially has quite a strong scent that lingers for a while after you spray it on your hair. The spray comes in a 200ml spray bottle  with a built in lock and it's suitable for all hair types.  I sprayed it on both wet and dry hair to see if it made any difference and I prefer to use it on wet hair. I've mentioned it a few times on here that I am sensitive to scents and I did have to skip the spray a few nights as it was proving too strong for me. I get fierce migraines and I know from experience that strong scents make them even worse.
I wouldn't recommend using it on dry hair if you have oily hair. I tried it out as they say it has a "light cleansing effect for non-shampoo days" and it made my hair look really greasy. It was ok on my ends but the roots looked greasy, even tried up in a ponytail I was pretty conscious of it.

The Hair mask come in a 150ml tube and it is designed for fragile/damaged hair. I would say you'd get around 8 good uses out of this if you have shoulder length hair. It's quite a thick mask so you need quite a bit of it if you want to use it all over. Again the scent is pretty noticeable but it is not as strong as the spray. It doesn't linger in your hair either which was great. I left it on for the recommended 5 minutes and while my hair wasn't noticeably softer it has a bit more volume than normal, especially my ends.

I have to say I'm not overly wowed by the products. I noticed some difference in my hair after using the products but not enough to make me want to purchase these once the bottles are empty. Both cost €8.99 each which is a lot more affordable than I was expecting! Even though they didn't work for me I will say they feel more expensive than that. McCabes pharmacy have them for 33% off at the minute so if you are interested in trying them out you can get them cheaper there.

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