07 October 2015

Vanish nail art

Hey all

**Product was provided for my 100% honest review**

Bit of an unusual manicure today but if you've followed my for any length of time you'll know I have some different manicures inspired by random things. I was asked if I would like to review some Vanish stain removal products a while ago. I actually use these in the wash every day so I was interested in trying out the newer versions. They sent me both the Vanish Gold Oxi Action powder and the Vanish Gold for Whites powder. I've noticed a huge difference in my washing since I started using Vanish and I've used it in every wash for the last few years. There's nothing worse than washing your favourite jumper or shirt only for it to come out with a stain still on it so I air on the side of caution.

I thought it would be fun to do a manicure inspired by the product packaging so I went with the Vanish Gold Oxi Action seeing as it has a bit more colour to it. I started with Essence the gel nail polish in 09 #Lucky for my base (bright pink). Once that was dry I painted on the letters using a plain white polish before going over it with Lancome Nuit D'Azure (navy blue). Naturally I did the words gold in Catrice Goldfinger (shimmery gold). I was going to leave it at that but I added on some bubbles at the last minute using a white polish as my base and Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in 240 B-Girl (light blue).

I honestly wouldn't be without a box of Vanish now. It really freshens up my clothes and gets rid of any stains that may appear on them. Now Vanish is pretty expensive. The smaller tubs, like the one you see below, cost around €10. The bigger 1.5kg tubs go for around €18. I urge you to check around before buying them! You can find them on offer in most shops for at least half-price (Tesco have the big ones on offer fairly regularly for around €9!) so stock up when they are on offer and save yourself a good bit of money.  They do last a good few weeks so if you have a wash on 2-3 times a day like me, you'll get a good while out of the tub. I wouldn't buy them full price as I know they go on offer a lot. I tend to stock up on them once the offers are out so I've never run out before the next discount is on.

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