26 November 2015

A weekly dose of Rainbows- Flying Saucers

Hey all,

Another food themed manicure this week! Just like my Twinsie Tuesday post I went with a sweet theme with these Flying Saucers inspired nails. I used to get these all the time when I was young, I loved the sherbet filling.

I used Zoya Storm as my base. Then I added on oval shapes using Essence Don't be shy (lime green), Essence #Lucky (pink), Sally Hansen Miracle Gel  300 Electra-cute (orange), Barry m Cyan Blue (blue).

Once these ovals were dry I added on a rim in a lighter shade to give it that spaceship look. Catrice Acid/Dc (green) , Sally Hansen Miracle Gel 170 Pink Cadillaquer (pink), Barry m Blueberry ice cream (blue)

I added on a coat of Sally Hansen 3D gel shine topcoat to blend it all together and that's all there is to it! I love the way it turned out, even if they do look like little planets :P

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