23 November 2015

Black and white holographic nails

Hey all

It's been a while since I wore a colourless nail art design. I was going to a comedy gig and I couldn't work out a manicure for the life of me. I ended up taking off the failed attempt and trying this one out instead. I thought it would be a bit bland at first but the white base and holographic glitters made it stand out just enough for my liking.

I started with a white base on all nails except the ring finger. I had planned on leaving that black but made a last minute design to add on Barry m Starlight from the 2014 Limited Edition Christmas collection. I don't think they are releasing LE Christmas glitters this year but you can still get this one on Boots.ie if you are interested.

From there I striped off my thumb, index and pinky nails using 2 layers of striping tape.Over that I added on Zoya Storm. I also dotted storm on my middle finger using one of the smaller dotting tools I have. I repeated the process on my other hand (I like them to match most of the time)

The most time consuming part was the striping tape. If I had thicker tape it would have been simple.I love the way it turned out though. The holographic glitters in Storm are nice and light. Starlight has a great mix of glitters and I always manage to get a star out without too much hassle. I topped it off with Essence the gel nail polish topcoat and they smoothed all of the glitter out but it didn't dull the holographic sparkle.

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