04 November 2015

Essence All about Nudes, Roses and Greys eye-shadow palettes swatches and review

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Today I have a quick review of the Essence All about eye-shadow palettes in the Roses, Nudes and Greys. I have swatches of each palette below so you can see which one appeals to you most. Out of the 3 I'm the most drawn to Nudes palette although all 3 are pretty great.

Essence All about Nudes Eye-shadow palette:

The Nudes palette is my favourite. It's pigmented, easy to blend and it has all you need for a quick and easy day look. I've used this a few times and It's great for those who aren't too confident with their make-up skills (cough....cough,,..) The thing about these palettes is you need to use your fingers to get the best pay-off. I tried to use the Real Technique Eye brush set but they just did not pick up the shadows.

From lightest to darkest you can see they are all really pigmented (all one swipe) and they are so soft. Most are matte finishes with a some shimmer/ glitter thrown in for good measure. All in all it is a great all-rounder. Unless you have a million nude palettes already then I really recommend picking this one up. There is a bit of fall out but it's not too bad.

 Next up is the Essence All about Roses Palette:

This is my second favourite from the 3. This is the more shimmer laden palette but it is , again, soft and easy to work with. A slight bit of fall out but it's not bad, It's cooler than the nude palette also. It has a couple of darker shades that are absent from the Nudes palette so it's easy to mix and match to get the perfect combination for you.

It's a bit more unique compared to the Nudes palette but it's just as pretty. The shades are pigmented and it's easy to build them up. Again you'd want to use your fingers for the best pay-off.

Finally we have the Essence All about Greys Eye-shadow palette:

My least favourite based on colour alone. I'm just not a fan of Grey. That being said this palette does have some nice shades in it but it has more duds in my opinion. This is the only palette with a pure white and a black it in but the black is not all that pigmented (Second last swatch below).  Most of the shades are super soft but there are a few slightly drier feeling ones but they work just fine.

This palette has a nice mix of cool shades and it's pretty pigmented overall. It'd be nice addition to your collection despite the black being a let down.

The best part of these palettes is the fact they don't share any of the same shades. Some might look similar but they are all different which is great if you plan on picking up one or two. They are priced at €4,99 each I believe so they would make great stocking stuffers for Christmas. They are affordable and they are great quality. I know there are a lot of expensive palettes out there but you can get eye-shadows that are just as good for a more budget friendly price. All of the colours are usable and it's easy to make a day-night look using the same palette. I'm pretty impressed with these I have to say.

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