02 November 2015

Madam Glam swatches and review!

Hey all,

**Polishes were provided for my honest review**

Today I have 4 polsihes to show you from Madam Glam. They contacted me last week to see if I'd like to try out a few of their polishes. I have heard of the brand before on some of the American blogs I follow so I was pretty excited to try them out. 3 out of the 4 polishes are amazing so read after the jump to see what I thought of the polishes and how they applied........

First up is Endless Night: 

Endless night is the darkest polish from the 4. In the bottle it looks like a purpley-blue. On the nail it darkens up significantly ending up looking more like a dark navy or black in certain lighting.

The formula on Endless Night is spot on. You could get away with one thicker coat but I went for 2 (personal preference). It dries quickly and it is really glossy on its own. You need a basecoat with this one as it will stain like most blue polishes do. This is the polish I used for the Madam Glam logo on my ring finger.

Next up is Mint Cocktail:

Mint Cocktail is a very bright lime green. This is the one that really stood out to me when I looked into the brand. Everyone that tried this polish raved about its formula and how opaque it was. I love green polish so I was dying to try this one out.

 Unfortunately I think I got a dodgy bottle as my swatches needed 3 coats and I can still see my nail line and some bald patches. It had more of a crelly formula so even pairing it over white you'd need at least 2 coats. I tried it on its own and with a good basecoat and I had the same problem. Gorgeous colour but I was disappointed with this one.

Second from last is Another Glass:

Another glass is a beautiful Berry polish with red or pink glitter. The formula on this was perfect. 2 coats and it was fully opaque. It was smooth to apply and it sparkles nicely on the nail (especially in sunlight )

It dried quickly and like the other polishes it dried with a nice glossy finish. This will get a lot of wear this winter. It's dark without looking black and the added glitter makes it stand out nicely on the nail. This is one of my favourites from the ones that I tried.

The last polish is I love Winter:

I was so glad to see a textured polish in the box. I love Winter is a bit of an unusual polish. It is described on the website as a Maroon glitter. It is so hard to tell what colour it is in the bottle as it  is so jam-packed with glitter the base colour is pretty much covered. The formula is perfect, which surprised me as textured polishes are usually a bit sheer. I have on 2 coats and it is completely opaque. It has gold, maroon and red glitters that show up pretty well on the nail. It's not too gritty on the nail so it won't snag on your clothing like the Zoya pixie dusts. It applied smoothly and dried quickly.

On it's own it's grand, not my favourite. Add on a topcoat and HOLY CRAP is this beautiful. The sparkle from this polish in the sun is unreal. I was not expecting it to sparkle so much, it was like a diamond ring. You can see the glitter below when you add a topcoat but it is a hundred times better in real life. My camera just could not capture the sparkle. You will need a good thick topcoat as the glitters eat it up like there's no tomorrow. I have on two coats of Sally Hansen 3D gel shine topcoat and that was perfect.

This is definitely my favourite polish from the set. I just can't believe how good this looked with a topcoat. I would love to see them release more colours in this style. A green with the same glitter mixture would be unreal for Christmas. Like Another Glass this will be getting a lot of wear over the next few months. It is probably the most unique polish I have seen in a long time.

Overall I'm really impressed with these polishes. I would love to try some of their full on holographic glitters to see what the formula is like on them but the creme formulas are all spot on apart from Mint Cocktail (Again I do think I have a dud bottle given all of the other reviews I've read). They have a slightly thicker formula but it's easy to work with and it gave me greater control over the polish so I had very little clean up to do in the end. It didn't look thick on my nails at all either which is a plus.

Each bottle costs $10.95 and they are 5-free and cruelty-free. Madam Glam ship worldwide so check out their website for prices and to see the other polishes they have in their range

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