10 November 2015

Twinsie Tuesday- Inspired by Someone

Hey all

One of the people I am most inspired by is the late Terry Pratchett. His books opened up a whole new world for me and I could not be more thankful that I came across his work. He created characters that are so funny and enjoyable to follow that you can't help but fall into their world and escape from the real world until the very last page.

Wyrd Sisters is the 6th book in the Discworld series. It follows the 3 Witches: Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat Garlick, All are main  characters featured in other books in the series. It follows the events after the murder of the king of Lancre and the journey to find the King's son who the witches helped to escape as a baby. It's a good story with some very funny exchanges between the characters.

For the nail art I started with a base of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 372 Greige.

The witches hat and the cauldron: I used Sally Hansen Patent Gloss in Vinyl. I also outlined the Jesters hat and the baby's features with Vinyl. The bubbles are China Glaze I'm with the Lifeguard and Catrice Acid/dc. There's a bit of OPI I just can't copeacabana in the middle with a silver outline.

For the Jesters hat: Nail the bytch Lick or ish bytch and OPI I just can't Copeacabana. For the bells on the top I used OPI Golden eye.

For the baby: I used Illamasqua Monogamous for the face and Sinful Colors Rise and Shine for his eyes. I topped it all off with Essence the gel Topcoat.

I really liked the way it turned out. I think I managed to get the main features on the story included without revealing any spoilers (I hate when people ruin the story. There's honestly no point in finishing a book or a tv show if someone ruins to main part of it)

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