25 December 2015

Christmas glitter

Hey all,

One of the polishes I keep for Christmas is Red Carpet Laquer Zoinks!, It's a green and red glitter in a clear base and it's pretty much made for this time of year. Generally I layer it over a white base but that gets pretty boring after a while and I'm so sick of white nails at the moment. Instead I tried it over Essence I <3 Trends in So Lucky and it really suited it.

So Lucky is a light green pastel with a slight holographic shimmer running through it. I did 2 thicker coats of this to get it opaque. Then once it was dried I added on a coat of Zoinks! followed with a coat of the Sally Hansen 3d Gel topcoat. I think it looks really pretty over the green base and you can still see the colours of the glitter clearly.

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