08 December 2015

SOSU Christmas release- swatches and review

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**Product was provided for my honest review**

Today I have the 3 SOSU Christmas release polishes to show ye. These are marketed as gel like polishes that do not require a lamp (like the Sally Hansen Miracle Gels and the Essence the gel nail polishes) They say you apply these "in one easy action" which I assume means in one coat but that's not true in my experience. I have mixed feelings on the collection as a whole but lets get on to the swatches.

**ETA**  These are not Gel polishes. They are regular polishes. If you compare them to the Essence the gel nail polishes or the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel you will see a massive difference. They don't dry with a glossy finish. They all need a couple of coats and you won't get more than a couple of days of wear before they chip, just like a regular old polish. So don't buy them thinking you will get a Salon like result because that's not going to happen. The gel name is misleading.

Poison Apple

Not a very festive name but one of the prettiest Christmas-y polishes I own. Poison Apple is a beautiful Christmas tree green with a strong golden shimmer running through it. I love this one. It's basically China Glaze Glittering Garland but it's a tiny bit lighter in colour and the shimmer is more apparent in Poison Apple. If you have Glittering Garland you might not want to pick this up. 

I have on 2 coats without a top or base coat. I  would recommend wearing a basecoat with this one. Green polishes can stain pretty badly so you're better off using one just in case. Poison Apple has a great formula, opaque in 2 coats and the shimmer is really noticeable on the nail. 

Rudolph's Mistress

A more festive name (although a bit of a weird one!) Rudolph's Mistress is a red glitter in a red tinted jelly base. I was slightly disappointed with this one initially as I thought it would be a full on glitter like Barry m Red Glitter. I tried to wear this on its own but I didn't like it. I would need a good 3-4 coats and it just didn't pop on my nails.

 I layered 2 coats of Rudolph's Mistress over one coat of Sally Hansen Patent Gloss in Moto and it looks amazing. I much prefer it as a layering polish. It actually sparkles on the nail (far more than it shows in the pictures) and it looks beautiful. It definitely needs a topcoat just to add a shine to it but it is still a good polish. It has a good bit of glitter in there so there is no hassle applying it especially if you layer it over an opaque red.

Silver Lining

Not a very festive name at all, Silver Lining is a basic silver foil. It reflects a tiny bit but it's pretty shimmery so it has a bit of sparkle, especially in the sun. The formula is a bit dodgy for me. I tried it out a few times and you'd need to go with thicker coats to get this opaque in 2-3 coats. If you do thin coats you'll need at last 4 especially if you have longer nails or a visible nail line. It's also a bit runny so you'd want to be careful applying this so you don't have  a lot of clean up to do afterwards.

I have 3 coats on in the picture, no base or topcoat. It's a pretty standard colour that you'd probably use a lot around this time of year but not much during the rest of the year. Out of the 3 this is the one I'd skip.

The dry time on all of these is pretty good. They took a couple of minutes and I had no trouble with dragging or streaking. They have a wide brush like the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure and Miracle Gel polishes.

SOSU Quick Dry topcoat-Wear test

I ended up doing a wear test using Poison Apple along with the SOSU Quick Dry topcoat to see how it faired out. I used one coat of Essence Studio Nails Triple Care as my base, 2 coats of Poison Apple and one coat of the Quick Dry topcoat. The topcoat dries pretty quickly with a decent shine but it wouldn't take over from the Essence the gel nail polish Topcoat for me. That has a far better shine to it, it's more affordable and it's thicker (in a good way) so it covers any lumps and bumps nicely in one coat. The SOSU topcoat is thinner and a bit runny. I don't think it would work all that well over a glitter unless you used a couple of coats.

After a day I noticed tiny chips on a couple of my nails but they were minuscule so you wouldn't notice them unless you were scrutinizing your nails like I was. By day 5 I had chips on the sides of a few nails so I took it off. I don't think it would have lasted more than that. Once they started chipping it was really easy to chip more and more off. They are on the more expensive side at €7.99 a bottle so if you were inclined to get one I'd go for the more unique colours. Bare in mind that everyone is different and I have read some reviews that claim the polish chipped on them within a couple of hours so read around and see which polishes have the best reviews. I can't say how well the other 2 wear as I haven't worn Silver Lining for long and you have to layer Rudolph's Mistress so that wouldn't be a true test of that polish. If you are looking a nice Christmas Green then I would keep Poison Apple in mind, it really is pretty.

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