14 December 2015

Starry nails

Hey all

These are old nails (back in June I think?) but I've been saving them for this time of year. I think they suit it pretty well. It's not anything difficult but the glitter topper is nice and sparkly and it looks so pretty over that shimmery purple base.

I used 2 coats of Barry m Orchid. Once that had dried I added on one coat of Starlight, also from Barry m. I topped it off with Essence the gel nails topcoat to stop it from chipping. I wore this manicure for a good week and it looked great all the way through.

The only downside is that the star glitter sticks out through the topcoat sometimes and they catch on your clothes and hair. It's a pain in the arse! I love how they look and it's not a huge problem but once the star glitters bends it is so hard not to pick it off your nail.

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