31 August 2015

Essence 53 Rock my World

Hey all

**Polish was provided for my 100% honest review**

The penultimate polish from the recent Essence pack I was sent is Rock My world. This is my least favourite colour from the 5, I'm not really a fan of grey in general. Like Amazed by you the colour isn't unique or special BUT it has the same amazing formula as the others I've shown ye over the last few days.

Rock my World is opaque in 2 coats and has the super glossy finish I've come to expect from the Essence the Gel nails line. I had no issues at all with the application, it was lovely and smooth and there was no clean up required. I didn't bother with a basecoat but it's always a good addition if you are planning on wearing this for a while. It'll help prolong the wear and the look of your manicure.

Pretty amazing quality for €1.89 I have to say, even if the colour doesn't float my boat.

28 August 2015

Essence 52 Amazed by you

Hey all

**Polish was provided for my honest review**

Polish number 3 from the new Essence release is 52 Amazed by you, a plum purple with the slightest hint of pink. This is a pretty standard colour and I'm sure there are plenty of dupes out there. I tried it out beside Catrice Plum play with me and it was almost the exact same thing. You'd never tell they were 2 different polishes.

The formula was great on Amazed by you and it set it apart from the Catrice polish. Even though it's a crelly formula you are good to go with 2 coats. The Catrice polishes needs 3 even on my shorter nails. Although the name of the polish is misleading (Nothing amazing about this shade in  particular) it is a great polish. If you don't have a polish like this or you want one with a better formula then  you really can't go wrong with Amazed by you.

27 August 2015

Essence 47 Va-Va-Voom

Hey all

**Polish was provided for my honest review**

Va-Va-Voom is the least Autumn like colour that I have from the latest Essence releases. This is one of the Soft Matt polishes (basically the same as the Illamasqua Rubber finish polishes but cheaper). Even with the soft matt finish you can tell this is a bright pinky orange. It's not neon, even with a topcoat, but it's bright.

This style of finish tends to be a 3 coater for me but 2 coats of Va-Va-Voom and it is perfect. Great formula, dries like a regular polish and it was easy to apply. This might stain your nails if you skip a base coat. I had this on for a couple of minutes at the most and my nails had a slightly red tinge to them once I took it off. Other than that it was fine.

I'm not fond of the finish. It's grand like I wouldn't avoid the polish because of it but unless it had nail art on top I'd probably topcoat it. It's a beautiful colour and I want it to show through as much as possible so I added on a topcoat for the last 2 pictures. Seeing as the formula is so good on this one, I actually don't mind the extra step.

 Yup, far better! Va-Va-Voom is a great name for this polish. I've not been keen on their polish names recently but this one definitely suits the polish. Not that the name matters at all but when people ask what you're wearing and you're embarrassed to say it in case they pick it up wrong, you start to notice them.

Va-Va-Voom costs €1.89 for an 8ml bottle available in Penny's nationwide.

25 August 2015

Essence 48 My Love Diary

Hey all

**Product was provided for my honest review**

Essence have released a few new shades for the Autumn, replacing a couple of the recently discontinued polishes. I have 5 polishes to show you over the coming week. If you've been on my blog for any length of time you'll know I'm a big fan of the Gel nail polish range. It is a huge step up in terms of quality and colour selection for Essence and it is giving other more expensive brands a run for their money. You can see the other polish from the range that I have swatched HERE

The first polish I have to show you is 48 My Love Diary which is their version of the Pantone Colour of the Year 2015 which is Marsala. To me this is more of a rosy brick shade of polish. I'm not keen on the Colour of the Year this year but I wouldn't class this as Marsala in fairness. It's a lovely shade, very similar to Essence English Rose but not dusty and a few shades darker.

The formula on My Love diary is fantastic. You can almost get away with 1 coat. My nail line was still a touch  visible so I went with 2. If you have short nails or a small nail line you'll be grand with one good coat, Great dry time and as it's part of the gel nail polish range it is super glossy. I always topcoat them if I plan on wearing them for a few days, just to be on the safe side. The one thing I dislike about this polish is the name, what in the name of god is a Love Diary?!

Essence My Love Diary costs €1.89 for an 8 ml bottle and you can find it in Penny's nationwide. 

24 August 2015

Bad formula blues

Hey all

This started off as a plan manicure but it needed something a bit more. As much as I like blue polishes I don't really wear them alone. I orginally planned on wearing Sinful Colors Sugar Rush but the formula is going off a bit and it didn't look great.

I added some striping tape and a coat of Lancome Nuit D'Azur to the centre. On the sides I popped on Barry m Greenberry. You can only see a touch of Sugar Rush thanks to the striping tape but it's enough I think. I debated on what topcoat to use but a matte topper won in the end. It looks good glossy too but the matte topper made the lines look a touch neater. The nail on my ring finger had torn at the sides so I did file them all down. I don't like my nails to be all different sizes, it just looks odd and attracts far more attention than shorties.

Out of the polishes I used the Lancome has the best formula. The other 2 started off great but they have gotten so gloopy and need 3 coats now. I like the colours but I'd sooner they were easier to work with.

20 August 2015

Yummy Plummy

Hey all

I was in the humour for a purple mani but I couldn't decide which one I wanted to wear. I picked out 2 that I knew I loved wearing and I popped them on. On one hand I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Pluck luck on my index and pinky fingers. On my thumb, middle and ring fingers I used Catrice Plumdog millionaire. I did the opposite on my other hand which ended up being pretty subtle as they are both dark purples.

Both are 3 coaters although you can get away with 2. My nails are a tiny bit longer than usual so I opted for 3 to be on the safe side. I added on a coat of Essence the gel nail Topcoat to get the sparkle in Plumdog Millionaire to shine. It is a textured polish so it could have done with 2 coats to completely cover the grit but it was fine with one.

Both of these polishes have been used quite a bit which isn't surprising. They dry quickly and they are so easy to apply, you barely have any clean up to do afterwards. It means I can get my nails done nice and quickly without any hassle.

18 August 2015

Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick- Better make a Mauve review

Hey all

**Product was Provided for my honest review**

Bit of a different review for ye today. I was sent one of the Catrice Shine appeal fluid Lipsticks to try out and I thought I'd post about it here just in case ye were interested in them. I hadn't heard of this product until I got it in the post and I thought it was an interesting concept. It has its flaws for sure (more on that in a minute)

I applied one coat on my lips. It feels pretty nice on. It's not sticky but I don't think it will last long on the lips though as it transfers pretty easily. It leaves behind a kind of greasy/oily film on your lips once you wipe it off but your lips aren't dried out. The colour is fairly close to the natural colour of my lips so it just evens them out and gives them a nice gloss.

I thought I would layer it over one of my Essence lipsticks to see how that would go. I picked out Essence 03 in Come Naturally ( I hate the name) which is a mauve-y shade (shown above). They go really well together I have to say. Wearing the gloss over the lipstick will probably help it to last longer without touch ups too.

Now the biggest flaw I have found with this product is the packaging. This is how it arrived in the post:

It leaked everywhere. I was looking around for ages to find a crack or a hole but there was nothing there. I think the problem is the packaging itself. You can see above that the product is seeping from from the joint where the lid and the tube are joined. Anytime you open or close the bottle is spills out and it does.not.stop.leaking. Obviously this went in the bin as soon as I tried it out. It was going to go off within the week anyway and seeing as it wouldn't stop leaking there was lipstick everywhere. Lovely product, lasts ok on the lips but the packing is a total let down. You wouldn't be able to bring it anywhere for fear of it leaking. If you are interested in picking one up they will be available in stores by the last week in August. You might want to bring a little plastic bag with you just in case....

17 August 2015

The Discworld #4: Mort

Hey all

Book number 4 in the Discworld series is Mort. DEATH, Albert, Mort and Ysabell. This is the first time DEATH features as a main character. He'll pop up again and again both as a main character and as just in passing.

I kept the mani for this book pretty straightforward. Seeing as DEATH is one of my favourites I included him on my middle finger. For the ring finger I decided to do a piece or parchment paper with Mort's name on it (I'm pretty sure this appears at some point in the book but I can't be 100% sure at this point) I didn't want to add on any of the others so I simply sparkled up the other nails and that was it!

Polishes used:
Orly Liquid Vinyl 
China Glaze Kalahari Kiss
Essence Grumpy
Essence Hello Holo
NYC Pinstripe White 
OPI Skull & Glossbones
NYC Park Avenue

Honestly couldn't be happier with the way this one turned out. I loved the book so I really wanted to do a fun matching manicure for it and I think it worked out well.

14 August 2015

P.S I love you

Hey all

It's been a while since I did a book inspired manicure. I always wanted to recreate a P.S I love you mani but I always had something else to do. I finally got around to it and I think it turned out really pretty. The cover is one of my favourite book covers anyway. It's pretty simple but it catches your eye. More importantly it has polka dots on it and they always make a good mani.

I started off with 3 coats of Sinful Colors Sugar Rush. I love this polish but I can tell it's getting pretty old. It's starting to thicken up and I need more coats than I normally would, Once that was dry I added on some white polka dots using my big dotting tool, keeping my ring finger plain.

Using the polish brush I covered the majority of my ring finger with China Glaze Kalahari Kiss. I carefully added on the letters with Sugar Rush. I finished it off with two stripes of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Shock Wave, It's not exactly like the letters on the front of the book but it's close enough to get the gist of it.

Yup, loved this. It's so summery and cute. Not my normal style but pretty fun to wear all the same. I have to do a few more book inspired mani's. They are so much fun to try and recreate or just to take inspiration from.

12 August 2015

Zebra nails

Hey all

I haven't tried my hand at Zebra nail art for a while so I thought now was a good time to give it a try. The good thing about this design is the fact you only need 4 products to get it done. Black, white and pink (optional) nail polish and a brush. Adding on a Topcoat is optional and either glossy or matte will do.

I started with a pure white base. Then using a small brush I added on the zebra stripes and on my accent nail I added on a little zebra face. I filled in the nose and ears using the polish brush. You just have to wipe it really well otherwise it will spray out and ruin all of your work.

Polishes used:
Essence The Black Cat 
OPI Kiss me I'm Brazilian
Essence Satin matte topcoat

Seeing as the black polish I used was matte I topped the rest of the nails with a matte topcoat just so it was all uniform. 

11 August 2015

Book-Tube-A-Thon 2015-:The Results

Hey all

Book-Tube-A-Thon is over and I have to say it FLEW by. I thought I would do a follow up on my original post showing the results of the challenge and a brief look at what I thought of the books I managed to finish. I think a week is a decent amount of time to get a few books finished without putting too much pressure on yourself. I didn't push myself too hard as I wanted to enjoy the books but I managed to finish 6 out of the 7 challenges. I'm pretty pleased with that!

1// Read a book with blue on the cover

Sadly I didn't get around to this book. I had time to start it but I'd have no chance of getting through it before the deadline so I decided to save it for another day. I've been wanting to read this for ages so I don't want to rush read it and spoil it.

2// Read a book by an author who shares the same first letter of your last name 

This is the first book I finished. It was a nice easy read, there was no real jaw-dropping moment and a lot of the drama was thrown in just to spice it up. It was grand! The characters are ok, typical "woman's life falls apart, moves, falls in love with 2 strangers, happy ending" kind of story. It didn't wow me but I'm not sorry that I read it if you know what I mean. I don't think I'll be picking up any more books from this author right away (unless I get them for a crazy good price)

Rating: 6/10

3// Read someone else's favourite book
One of the most hyped books this year and it was shite. The characters are all damaged. The women are weak, broken and gullible. The men are deranged, controlling and dominant. The book only started to get interesting 3/4 of the way through. The ending was good, better than the rest of the book but it wasn't amazing by any means. The author tried way too hard to get you double-guessing the killer and you could pretty much guess what was going on after a few chapters. I doubt I would have bothered finishing this if it was for the challenge. I don't know why this is classed as a thriller/mystery. One positive thing about the book is the style it is written in. It can get confusing at times and you have to double check whose chapter it is but it's interesting.
                                  Rating: 3/10

4// Read the last book you acquired 
Yes! I am delighted I picked this up. I really enjoyed this book. As it's one of a series it was pretty jam packed with information and the story seemed to start of running. You were plunged into the world right from the get go. The main character,  Stephanie, is grand but the shining star of this book is easily Skulduggery Pleasant himself. Full of sarcastic remarks and jibes I could not get enough of him. I know you really need Stephanie in the book for Skulduggery's wit to shine through but I could honestly get by with just the skeleton himself.  The story itself is good but honestly I'm more interested in the back and forth between Skulduggery and the other characters. Well worth a read.

Rating: 7/ 10

5// Finish a book without letting go of it
Now I cheated on this one I have to admit. I read the book online so technically I didn't let go of it seeing as I didn't pic it up in the first place! I did read it all in one sitting though so it still counts as a win in my books.
I don't really see why it's so popular but  it was a nice quick read. I found that Neil Gaiman is really 50/50 for me. Either I love the book or I'm glad to see the end of it. This was inbetween. I'm glad I read it but it didn't really do anything for me.

Rating: 6/10

6// Read a book you really want to read
Now this was a disappointment. The only thing I like about this book is the cover. The characters are bland and unlike-able, I couldn't relate to any of them or understand why seemingly intelligent people would do such stupid things. As far as the story goes, it was uneventful despite a lot of things happening (yes that sounds contradictory but give me a second). Even though the author threw in a lot of "mysteries" (none of which you'll actually care about) it did nothing to pique your interest. She tried to get you on an emotional rollercoaster but really it was like driving over a couple of pebbles on the road. You could see them there but it didn't affect your experience of the story in any way.

Rating: 5/10

7// Read seven books
Well I didn't complete this challenge but I did read the book and it has blue on the cover so it took the place of Dragons at Crumbling castle.
I have read this book before and I still loved reading it. This is the first proper appearance of the Watch and Commander Vimes. Reading it again just confirmed the fact that he is one of the best characters in the Discworld. Such a clever book! It was packed full of characters, side-stories  and humour. As much as I enjoyed the books the first time around I am honestly getting the full impact of them the second time around.
Rating: 8/10

So that's it for Book-Tube-A-Thon 2015. It was one of the best things I have done this year so far! I loved it and I'm really surprised I manged to get 6 of the books read. I picked long books but ones I wanted to read so it was as enjoyable as possible. Once you get sucked in to a book you'll fly through it whether it has 50 pages or 500 pages. I'm not sure if Sharon, Breige or Paula are writing up a post but I'll have them linked so you can check them out. 

07 August 2015

So you think you can Twinsie?

Hey all 

Goofy as a mid summer TV replacement, this title really sums up where we Twinsies are currently at: a bit burned out and looking to branch out. Our little, tight knit group, has decided to take the month of August off to regroup, rest, spend time with our families, and just enjoy our last few weeks of summer before we get back into the blogging groove in September.

However, over the past few months we've also experienced the loss of a few of our members. For personal reasons, Twinsies have come and gone and we will each and every one of them. We've also been lucky enough to introduce you all to new Twinsies who have graced our growing group of polish sisters in the most positive and beautiful ways. Now that we're going on hiatus, we're opening up the opportunity to join in a new way.

Using the Google doc form (linked below), please feel free to apply to join our Twinsie Tuesday group. While not everyone will be accepted, we hope to encourage bloggers who are active, positive, and friendly. You don't have to have a million followers or be amazing at nail art, we are just looking for bloggers looking for a weekly challenge and being part of a warm group of girls interested in meeting new bloggers! So enter away - can't wait to "meet" all of you!

06 August 2015

Pretty in plaid

Hey all

Plaid nails are so fun but I think they work best on my short nails. It's a bit more awkward to do them but I don't know, I think they are more striking like this. Plus I love the colour combination, the gold on top really made a difference.

I used 2 coats of Essence Dress for the moment as my base. Essence I <3 Trends in Hope for love is the pink on the sides. NYC Picnic on the Lawn is the teal polish on the tips. My favourites gold polish, Sally Hansen Gilded Lily, was used for the stripes on the top. I added the Sally Hansen 3d Gel shine topcoat to help smooth it all out.  Easily one of my favourite nail designs!

You could make it a lot neater with striping tape and all that.Time-wise doing it freehand with the nail polish brush is the better option.

05 August 2015

Essence Don't be Shy

Hey all

Green nail polish is my thing. I seem to gravitate towards it when ever I look for new polishes. I love those lime green/ Alien green shades and I thought I had found the perfect one in Catrice Acid/dc but I was so wrong! Essence "Don't be Shy" is so much nicer. It doesn't have any shimmer, it's bright on the nail (far brighter than the swatches show) and it wears like iron.

I have on 2 coats, sometimes a third is needed but on my shorties 2 works fine. I topped it off with the Essence the gel nail polish topcoat. It's pretty glossy on its own but I like to topcoat my nails just in case. I got to Day 5 and my nails looked like I had just painted them. It could have lasted longer but I like to let my nails breath after a couple of days of nail polish.

The gel nail polish range is amazing so far. I don't like how they've discontinued polishes already and the stands are not being kept stocked at all but the polishes themselves are insanely good. I have 2 more to try that I bought the same day so hopefully they'll be just as good. Plus they are great value at €1.89. You can see my other Essence swatches from this range HERE


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