18 January 2016

Best of 2015- Nail art

Hey all,

Time for some nail art favourites from 2015! This is usually the easiest post to do as the nail art manicures stand out more than nail polish on its own. Just like my Best of 2015 Nail polish post I've also done similar posts in 2012, 2013 and 2014 so you can click on the links and give them a read if you haven't seen them before or just want a refresher.

I love the Minions so I included them in a fair few of my manicures in 2015.  This manicure is from February and it was part of a Twinsie Tuesday Challenge. I loved wearing this one and it matched the theme really well. It was my first attempt at a purple minion and it worked! 

One of the brightest nail art manicures I wore last year that I loved was another Twinsie Tuesday challenge. It wasn't all that hard to do and I think it really stood out. I loved doing this manicure and it lasted for a good week without chips. 

I'm starting to see a theme here :P Another Twinsie Tuesday post and a pretty frequent visitor on my blog. I love Mario so I'm not surprised to see him feature a couple of times this year. I'm actually going to include 2 here to save time. 

The other one is pretty much the same but I love Yoshi on my thumb so I had to include it. It also includes one of my top polishes from 2015 :)

This manicure had an insane amount of comments on it IRL which was interesting. I wore this for an entire week so it was worth the crazy amount of time it took to get it right. I loved the original Chipmunks when I was young so it was a fun manicure for me to try and recreate. 

Polka dots are my go-to nail design and mixing them with neons just looks so incredible. One of the easiest things in the world to do but it looks like you spent hours doing it. The black velvet base is the only way to go with this manicure. It made it so striking to look at. 

A combination of Terry Pratchett's Discworld and some nail art? Sure how could you go wrong! Not only is Mort one of my favourite books (DEATH is my all time favourite Character from the Discworld) but I was thrilled with the end result of this manicure. It wasn't too complicated and it matched the style of the book which is always important.

Hotel Transylvania 2

I still haven't seen the movie but I had to do a manicure based on Hotel Transylvania 2. I managed to get the characters to look fairly close to the ones in the film. I love the colours and I just really enjoyed doing this design on my nails.

Christmas nail art

Christmas nail art is my absolute favourite thing to wear and I wore this one to death. I did do an *improved* version of this that I wore over Christmas but seeing as this was my first attempt I think it deserved to be mentioned here. The penguin is my favourite thing ever.

Celestial Rainbow

This isn't my typical style of manicure but I really loved it. I'm not sure if it was the mix of purples or the holographic glitter on top. Either way I'm so happy with it. I mentioned it in my original post but this looked so much better in real life, the camera just doesn't work with me sometimes!

Twinsie Tuesday: Pokemon- Squirtle

Squirtle is my last pick for the favourites list. It was a pretty simple manicure but it got the point across and I love his little face. I'm glad I kept it as an accent nail. Even on short nails this worked out well!

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