11 January 2016

Best of 2015: Nail polish

Hey all

Time for a round up of 10 nail polishes that I loved during the year of 2015. I like to keep a list of these every year to look back on and see how much it changes. I have done this post several times over the past few years so you can check them out here : 2012,  2013,  2014 . I'm going to check out each post after to see what polishes I still have/love from the lists.

Barry m Silk Collection- Orchid

I started to get into Purple polishes a bit more this year and this is definitely my favourite out of them all. Even though it is a 3 coater (pretty typical with this brand) the colour is so unique that it's worth it. It dries matte and it looks crap but add on a topcoat and the shimmer just appears out of nowhere and it looks unreal. 

Essence I <3 Trends- So lucky

An unexpected favourite from the Summer this year is So Lucky. This is a pastel seafoam green with a light holographic shimmer. This is a 3 coater for me as I prefer to do thin layers. Like the previous polish this dries matte but looks better with a glossy topcoat on top. It does look pretty matte though.

Essence the gel nail polish- Love is in the air

The Gel nail polish line from Essence was the stand out from this year. I have a few favourites from this line including Love is in the air. This is the best yellow polish I have ever tried. Love is in the air is a beautiful pastel/ banana yellow. This is 3 coats and I think it is perfect. The colour doesn't really suit my skin but I wear it none the less. It's great for nail art too!

Essence the gel nail polish- Play with my mint

Another beauty from the same range is Play with my mint. This colour is unreal and the formula is perfect. I have on 2 coats. I used this a lot in nail art because the colour is so bright and it applies so easily. It's a great spring/summer colour but really it works all year round as it doesn't wash out my skintone. 

NYC Quick Dry- Blue Sky 

Very similar to Play with my mint but it deserves a mention none-the-less. The formula again was really good. This is 2 coats and it dried nice and quick. I'm not sure how long this polish has been around but it is beautiful and I'm surprised I hadn't seen it before now. Blue Sky is darker and more of a turquoise compared to Play with my mint.

Orly Colour Blast- Grape Neon

This was a huge surprise favourite for me this year. Orly are seriously over-priced here at around €12.95 in boots so I don't buy them. This polish came free with a magazine so it only really cost around €6 which is an absolute steal. It's hard to capture the colour on camera but it is another
 orchid-y purple and it is amazing! It's bright but not neon, it has a great formula and I got a week of wear without a single chip. 

Essence Merry Berry- I <3 my Golden Pumps

I love gold toppers so the minute I heard this was coming out I went on the hunt for it. It took a good 3 weeks to find it but it was worth the effort. This is a gold shredded glitter topper in a clear base. Once coat is all you need and it looks so pretty. The gold stands out on your nail unlike other gold toppers I have tried which is more my style.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel- Electra Cute

It wouldn't be a "favourite" list without Sally Hansen on it. This year I used them pretty much every week in some form or other. Electra-Cute was one of the stand outs for me. I don't own many oranges even though I do like the colour a lot. I used this polish so much in nail art that it had to be included. Great formula and a beautiful bright colour.

Barry m Christmas Limited Edition 2014 Starlight  

Starlight was a polish I used an awful lot last year without really realising it. I love glitter polishes but I usually stick to hex glitters but I love the star glitter in this polish. The holographic glitters are amazing and something I would always pick over a plain glitter. The formula is a little thick but it is easy to apply and work with. I have Starlight on my ring finger in the picture above. I used this in a lot of my nail art manicures if I was unsure of what to do on the nail. 

And that is it! Let me know down below what your favurite polishes of the year were. Most of my polishes were new in 2015 which is unusual for me. Essence was definitely the stand out brand with the release of the gel line but we'll see how they fair out in 2016. Hopefully they'll have a good Spring/ Summer collection release and more glitters!

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