25 January 2016

Orly Grape Neon

Hey all

Orly Grape Neon is one of the few polishes that gets a tonne of comments when I wear it. I'm not a huge fan of Orly mainly due to the price. I have only tried 3 of their polishes and Grape neon is the only one that I actually like and would probably repurchase.

Grape neon is a bright orchid-y purple. It's not a neon but it's just as striking. The formula is brilliant, 2 coats and you're good to go. First coat can be a bit sheer but it's perfect on the second. It dries quickly and it does have a glossy finish but I always topcoat it. Grape neon wears really well too. I get at least 5 days out of it with a small amount of tipwear but zero chips.

Not only is the colour beautiful but it's so easy to apply that I keep it aside as a quick "go-to" polish.If I need to change my manicure last minute and I don't know what to pick I'll go and get one from that section. I only have a handful of polishes in this area so it says a lot when I add a polish to that list!

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