19 January 2016

Twinsie Tuesday- Shattered Glass

Hey all

This week were are doing Shattered glass inspired nails. I failed big time with this challenge but I didn't have time to do another one :(

I started with Sally Hansen Patent Gloss in Vinyl. Then I sponged on Essence the gel nail polish in 53 Rock my world but only on the tips. I used a plain white polish to outline the the nail to make it look like a shattered window.

You can see the white I used is pretty crap and ended up soaking up the colour beneath. It just didn't work in the way I had imagined it would which is a shame. It was fun to try and do a manicure based on shattered glass though. I know there is a nail art technique called shattered glass but it seemed to require glitter which I don't have.

I'm sure the other Twinsies have far better manicures to show for this weeks challenge (all linked down below)

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