01 February 2016

Dior 338 Mirage swatch and review

Hey all

Dior Mirage is described as a gel shine polish that is long wear and let me tell you that is accurate! Mirage is a slightly muted berry with an incredible formula. 2 coats on long and short nails and you are good to go. It does have a beautiful shine to it but I always topcoat my polishes to extend the wear time.

The brush on the Dior gel polishes is massive! It spreads out way more than the Sally Hansen brushes in the Miracle gel and Complete Salon Manicure range. It is perfect until I get to my pinky finger and then I have to be a bit gentler so I don't flood my nail. Otherwise is makes for great application.

2 coats, no streaking or bald spots. It wears like iron too. I managed 6 days with no chipping and very light tip wear before I took it off. It really is amazing. I  don't know how the other polishes in the line match up to it but first impressions are great for this line. Plus I love this particular colour. Perfect for all seasons.

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