04 February 2016

Tribal nail art

Hey all

It's been a while since I tried some Tribal nails so these might not be all that accurate but hey ho!

I started with a neutral base so the colours on top would really pop. For that I used 2 coats of Essence the gel nail polish 05 Sweet as Candy. Once that was dry I freehanded the design using Barry m Denim. I like the matte finish on this polish but with a topcoat the shimmer really stands out. It's very pretty and super opaque. I thought it was looking a little bare at this point so I filled in some of the areas using Giorgio Armani 301 Gio. I added on a topcoat which helped smooth out the lines and make it look a bit more blended together and that was it!

Pretty pleased with it now, the colours look pretty together and it doesn't look too OTT thanks to the neutral base. Tribal nails used to be pretty common but I don't see them all that often on the blogs that I follow here or on instagram. It's funny how quickly nail designs go in and out of popularity.

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